A hydraulic turbine for small and medium – sized hydroelectric power plants is a rotary engine that converts the mechanical energy of water (its position, pressure, and speed energy) into the energy of a rotating shaft. The plant produces 3 types of turbines:

The “Pelton” bucket turbine is used for low water flow rates at high and ultra-high pressures up to 2000 meters, which are unattainable for other types of turbines, usually in mountainous areas. These turbines are much simpler than the others in terms of design.
Power: from 0.3 MW to 350 MW.
Head: from 70 m to 1200 m.
Impeller diameter: from 0.5 m to 4 m.

“Kaplan” rotary-blade turbine – this type of turbine has movable impeller blades, which makes it possible to maximize the use of water flow energy on low-pressure flat rivers with strong fluctuations in the upstream and downstream levels. As a rule, these turbines are installed at heads up to 85 m with high water flow rates.
Power: from 0.2 kW to 200 MW.
Head: from 1.5 m to 85 m.
Impeller diameter: from 0.5 m to 10 m.

The “Francis” radial-axial turbine has the widest operating pressure range. Currently, it is mainly used at high and ultra-high pressures from 40 m to 700 m, where it is impossible or impractical to use other types of hydraulic turbines. It has the highest possible efficiency of up to 97% in a wide range of pressures.
Power: from 0.2 kW to 500 MW.
Head: from 10 m to 700 m.
Impeller diameter: from 0.4 m to 7.5 m.

Hydro generators

A hydro generator is used together with a hydro turbine to generate electricity at a hydroelectric power station. Hydro generators are most often used in vertical design, but there are also horizontal generators. Hydro generators consist of a rotating part – a rotor, on which poles with an electric DC winding are installed, and a fixed part – a stator with a core and an AC winding.

Rated power = 1500 kW.
Rated line voltage = 6300 V.
Rated speed = 1000 rpm.
Frequency = 50 Hz.
Power factor = 0.8.
Number of phases = 3.

Industrial and domestic pumps

A special device or unit that is designed for pressure movement (suction and discharge) of various liquids. The plant produces pumps of various directions and capacities:
– industrial: intended for use in agriculture, housing and communal services, various industries
– household: for daily needs

Electric buses

Economical, roomy and environmentally friendly electric buses will be the next era in passenger transportation.
Electric motor Power 250/174 kW;
Max. revolutions – 11,000 rpm;
Torque 2200/6480 Nm;
Dimensions 10500 * 2500 * 3000;
Number of seats-36;
Cruising range on a single charge 100-400 km;

Smart electricity counters

Electricity counters for automated transfer of readings of electricity counters. Equipped with LPWAN communication modules, PLC, GSM – long-range wireless network.

  • Transfer of readings to your personal account.
  • Remote load limiting and relay disconnection.
  • Remote change of the tariff schedule.
  • Notification of events (opening, loss of power).
  • Survey at a distance of up to 10 km in the city.

ALV devices

We have launched our own production of respirators to support the breathing of patients with various respiratory disorders.

Passenger and freight elevators

Our plant, the first in Kyrgyzstan, begins its own production of passenger and freight elevators. The elevators are designed for installation and use in residential buildings, public and administrative buildings, offices, shopping centers and hospitals. It is possible to choose the upper or lower arrangement of the machine room.
Passenger elevators with a carrying capacity from 250 kg to 1250 kg, with a movement speed of 1-1.6 m / s
Freight elevators with a carrying capacity of 500 to 7000 kg, with a speed of 0.2 m / s to 1.0 m / s.


Power transformers are used to convert electrical energy of one voltage into energy of another voltage. The transmission of electricity over long distances is more economical with high voltage.
We manufacture consumer power oil-filled series of transformers with a capacity from 25-4000 kVA voltage class up to 35 kV three-phase two-winding general purpose of normal design with oil free cooling, with switching of winding branches, connected to an alternating current network with a frequency of 50 Hz, designed for the needs of the national economy.
Transformers are designed for stationary indoor or outdoor installation in conditions with subtropical and temperate climates for long-term operation at temperatures from minus 45 ° C to plus 40 ° C.


Manufacturing and production of B-class ambulances based on Ford Transit and GAZelle Sobol
Production: under the order
Base chassis: Ford Transit, Sobol (GAZ 2217 and GAZ 2752)
Complete set according to GOST or according to the client’s needs
Complete internal refurbishment in accordance with technical and medical parameters.

Diesel and gasoline generators

A stationary or mobile power plant equipped with one or more electric generators driven by a diesel / gasoline internal combustion engine for autonomous power generation. This is one of the most versatile and practical ways to generate electricity in the absence of a centralized power supply.

Power: 6-9 kW
Engine type: Diesel / Petrol
Voltage: 400/230 V (380/220 V)
Start: electric starter

ASU, electrical panels

Introductory switchgears (ASU) are used both in apartment buildings and individual houses, and in office buildings. Their tasks are reception and distribution of current in the premises, its general accounting by means of electric meters, protection of internal highways from voltage surges and short circuits. They are also equipped with special switches that automatically cut off the voltage in the switchboard equipment in the event of a malfunction.
The electrical panel is a compact and convenient panel designed for modular installation on it of special devices that ensure the reception of electric current from an external, general high-voltage network, and serve to distribute it over the internal network – inside a house, summer house or apartment. The shields are made from reliable and lightweight materials and are equipped with locks to reduce the possibility of accidental contact with equipment under current and prevent it from being stolen by intruders.

Furnaces for polymer paint

A powder paint polymerization furnace is designed to form a powder paint coating on metal products by sintering it at temperatures of 150-220 ° C.
Our plant produces polymerization furnaces with a volume of 0.5 m3 to 20 m3, with a capacity of 4 kW to 80 kW. The polymerization furnaces are delivered ready-assembled, tested and calibrated, completely ready for operation (you only need to connect the power supply to the control unit of the polymerization oven) In the absence of the possibility of delivery assembled due to the dimensions of the doorways, it is possible to assemble the equipment at the customer’s site.

3D printers for printing from ABS plastic

Numerical control printers that use the layer-by-layer method of printing a part. 3D printing can be carried out in different ways and using different materials according to the principle of layer-by-layer creation (“growing”) of a solid object.
ABS plastic is one of the most popular materials for 3D printing. Due to a set of such quality properties as: permissible heating temperature up to 110 ° C, moisture resistance, high strength and elasticity, as well as an almost unlimited color gamut, 3D printing from ABS plastic is actively used in mechanical engineering, in the souvenir industry, and is also used for the production of banking cards, furniture accessories, toys, decorative items and various household items.

The second stage of production will be the launch of lines for the production of light trucks and eco-friendly electric vehicles.