About us

LLC “Kyrgyz Unaa Kurulush” was formed with the aim of developing industry of the Kyrgyz Republic.

The enterprise will become the first machine-building plant formed since the independence of the republic. It is planned to produce hydraulic turbines of the Ossberger and Pelton type, various types of generators at the plant, and it is also planned to build electric cars in the future.

The industrial enterprise will be equipped with modern machines of European and Russian production.

Thanks to this equipment, the entire industrial process will be as automated as possible. It is planned to attract highly qualified specialists from the Kyrgyz Republic, Turkey and Russia to operate the enterprise.

LLC “Kyrgyz Unaa Kurulush” is called to become one of the leading engineering enterprises in the Kyrgyz Republic designing and manufacturing energy equipment.

Nowadays, 18% of the Kyrgyz economy is industrial sector.

However, the industry is represented mainly by enterprises in the mining sector and light industry. There is almost a complete lack of the manufacturing and engineering enterprises.

In addition to that, there is an acute problem of commissioning new capacities of both large and small production facilities based on renewable energy sources. For now, the energy potential of renewable energy in the Kyrgyz Republic has been studied in sufficient details. A comparative analysis with the amount of energy consumed by the fuel and energy complex of the republic showed that the potential for renewable energy according to the calculated parameters can replace up to 51% of the consumed energy.

Kyrgyz Unaa Kurulush was created to develop the industry of the Kyrgyz Republic, in concept, to create conditions for improving the social situation of the population, ensuring energy and environmental safety of the republic.

The total staff of the plant is planned to be more than 300 people.

In order to provide stable and high-quality production, the plant management intentionally attract highly qualified specialists from Europe. Moreover, in order to train local personnel, the founder of the corporation, Nurbek Osmonov, funded the training of 10 young Kyrgyz specialists in Europe from personal funds.

Production of the enterprise

•A set of equipment for hydroelectric power stations, including turbines, generators and electric automation
•Diesel and gasoline generators
•Wind generators
•Various types of machines
•Pumps and gate valves
•Electric cars