Wind installations

Wind installations of modern designs allow using economically effectively wind power. With the help of wind generators, today it’s possible to supply electricity to the “network”, and also to solve the problems of power supply of local facilities of any capacity.

Diesel and gasoline generators

The diesel generator allows you to organize backup or autonomous electrical power for industrial enterprises, construction sites, data centers, shopping centers, medical institutions and any other objects.

Electric vehicle installation

In accordance with current trends, to maintain and develop the green economy of the country, the company intends to launch production of electric vehicles at the enterprise. At the first stage, only installation from foreign components will be carried out. However, it is planned that in the future the company will establish its own production.

Set of equipment for small hydropower plants

Kyrgyz Unaa Kurulush intends to establish the production of sets of basic equipment for small hydropower plants, including 2 types of turbines, generators and electroautomatics.

Machine Tool Production

In the Kyrgyz Republic, the production of machine tools is completely absent. Local enterprises are forced to purchase the necessary equipment in China, Turkey and Russia. Kyrgyz Unaa Kurulush is called to solve these kind of problems and provide industrial enterprises with local equipment. In the future, the company plans to export machine tools to the world market.